Unit 5: Genetics
Unit 5 Daily Logs - Genetics
Unit 5 Cover Sheet - Genetics
Unit 5 Vocab

Mitosis Review Questions 

How are Proteins Made in the Cell (Protein Synthesis Lab)
Biotechnology Web Lesson (GSLC - Genetic Engineering) (website)
Begin under Genetic Technology
Helpful Animations

Mitosis in an Animal Cell


Diploid vs. Haploid Cells

Cell Cycle, Mitosis & Meiosis




Mendelian Genetics

Past Lectures/Notes - may be helpful as additional resources

Mitosis & Cancer Power Point
Mitosis Power Point
Cell Cycle & Mitosis Lecture (6-2)

Mitosis Student Notes
Mitosis & Cancer Student Notes
Meiosis Power Point
Meiosis Student Notes
Chromosomal Abnormalities (Errors of Meiosis) PPT
Chromosomal Abnormalities Student Notes
Reproduction & Development Power Point
Reproduction & Development Student Notes
Mendelian Genetics Power Point
Mendelian Genetics Student Notes
Dihybrid Notes
Mutations Power Point
Mutations Student Notes
Protein Synthesis Power Point
Protein Synthesis Student Notes

Old Homework Assignments

Errors of Meiosis Review Questions
Mitosis & Meiosis Practice
Dihybrid Crosses - Guinea Pigs
Protein Synthesis Practice 1
Protein Synthesis Practice 2
Protein Synthesis Practice 3
Review: Protein Synthesis
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Old Labs/Projects/Activities