Ch. 6 - Muscular System

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Ch. 6 Lecture Notes - Muscular System (Old Lecture Notes)

Muscular System Overview (Biology Corner)

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Sarcomere Coloring

Myology Memory Matrix

General Muscle Anatomy & Contraction Physiology Review Questions

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Lab 11: Microscopic Anatomy & Organization of the Skeletal System

Lab 12: Gross Anatomy of the Muscular System

Chicken Wing Dissection

Muscle Man Project

Images of Head Muscles for handout in class

Image of Neck Muscles for handout in class

Muscles of the Thoracic Region (anterior) for handout in class

Muscles of the Thoracic Region (posterior) for handout in class

Muscles of the Legs (anterior) for handout in class

Muscles of the Legs (posterior) for handout in class

Muscles of the Arm (posterior) for handout in class

Muscles of the Arm (anterior) for handout in class

The Digital Cat Diaries

Cat Muscles Lab Guide - checklist of the muscles you need to identify on the cat

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Arms and Chest

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Legs and Abdomen

Coloring the Cat Muscles: Dorsal Side | Ventral Side

Cat Muscles - Labeling Practice: Label Back | Label Leg | Label Chest

Muscular System Study Outline

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Quiz #2 Flashcards - Physiology of muscle contraction

Full Body Muscle Flashcards

Body Part Muscle Flashcards

Lateral View Whole Body

Posterior View Whole Body

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Sarcomere shortening animation

Runner's World Article on Fascia

Quiz #1 Study Sheet - Overview & Microscopic Anatomy

Practice Quiz for Part I

Sliding Filament Theory

Quiz #2 Study Sheet - Physiology

Quiz #3 Study Sheet - Muscle Movements & Naming

Quiz #4 Study Sheet - Muscles of the Head, Neck & Trunk

WebAnatomy Muscular System (University of Minnesota)
Get Body Smart (tutorial on major muscle groups)

Big Guns: The Muscular System

The Muscular System (Bozeman Science)

Cat Skinning Technique

IU Myology Lecture Outline

IU Muscles of Head, Neck & Trunk Lecture Outline

IU Muscles of the Upper Limbs Lecture Outline

IU Muscles of the Lower Limbs Lecture Outline

U of Leeds Muscles & Nerves Overview

Hosford Muscle Tables: Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body

Human Anatomy Online: Muscular System

Superficial Muscles Practice

Upper Extremity Muscles

Lower Extremity Muscles

Hand Surgery Videos (Flap Boys)

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