Ch. 3 - (Cells and) Tissues

We're going to skip the section on Cells in this chapter and go right to Tissues.  You will be responsible for this knowledge however. So, if you need to review, then do so.  

Unit 2 Daily Logs


Ch. 3 Reading Notes (begin on page 88)

Ch. 3 Lecture (Tissues)

Homework & Activities

Cell Structures Review Crossword Puzzle

Epithelial Tissue Crossword Puzzle

Connective Tissue Crossword Puzzle

Tissue Repair, Development & Aging Crossword Puzzle

Tissues Matrix

Ch. 3 Vocab List (tissues only)

Tissues Lab - We will work on this over multiple days in class. It will consume much of your time. Do not get behind. Put considerable effort into your sketches. Also, READ the lab - it is HELPFUL!