Welcome to our Red Clover book site for 2015-2016!  
Here is a brief introduction to the ten books chosen as this year's Red Clover books!

What is a Red Clover book?
Each year a committee of librarians, teachers, and sponsors reviews all picture books published in the prior year and chooses ten stellar picture books as the Red Clover books for the next school year. The books are considered in their entirety when chosen; both text and illustrations must be considered exemplary.  To learn more about the books and the Red Clover program, visit the Vermont Center for the Book.

A Local Connection to Red Clover
The Red Clover book program was started in Windham County, the brainchild of Eileen Christelow, author of the Five Little Monkeys books, The Great Pig Escape, and many other books.  Jessie Haas, another of our beloved children's book authors, best known for her horse books and her picture books of rural farm life, named the program after the state flower of  Vermont, the red clover.  After one year as a Windham county program, the Red Clover book program went statewide, and today children in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade throughout the state of Vermont read the Red Clover books and vote for their favorite each April.

What is a picture book?
The picture book combines words and pictures to tell a story.  Text and images work together to bring a sotry to a new level.  Illustrations can extend the meaning of a story or alter a book altogether.  So while a picture book is simply word and pictures, when viewed as a whole, it becomes a work of art.  (MM Del Rosario, http://hubpages.com/hub/what-is-a-picture-book)

21st century learning
We are teaching and learning in a technology-rich time.  Educators and librarians are leading the way by incorporating 21st century learning and innovation skills that will prepare our students for increasingly complex work and life environments.  A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future. For more information, The Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) is an interactive post-it board, where anyone with a link can post anything on it, anytime.  I've created a Padlet called Planting Red Clover Seeds! Please visit it and share your ideas for enhancing children's books through technology.