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Welcome Workgroup

Overview of Responsibilities: The Welcome workgroup works to make the Dharma Hall and Sangha activities as welcoming and sense-making as possible for new people. The workgroup handles incoming communication and contact from visitors.  

  • Check email and respond or route emails to proper sangha person
  • Check Dharma Hall phone (360-312-7008) voicemail, respond or route messages
  • Handle email list sign ups from clipboard in Lobby, sending new person a Welcome Email and adding them to the sangha email list
  • Ensuring that there is someone at all sangha events as the "greeter" to greet new people
  • Offering and scheduling new person orientations
  • Putting out sandwich board sign when the building is open (and putting it away again)
  • Schedule orientations and organize sangha members to give those orientations.

  1. Georgia Mitchell
  2. Jeff McKenna
  3. John Wiley
  4. Kate McKenna
  5. Marti Bartlett
  6. Edie Norton
    Email List Sign Ups
        Ben Greene & 
        Christina Wienhold - ? Email & Voice Mail checking
        Ian von Fischer-Benzon