Doshi actions:

Doshi starts robe chant
Walks to bowing mat
Bows at bowing mat (no bell)
Walks to alter
Offers incense
Bows at alter
Walks back to mat
Bows at mat (no bell)
Goes down to spread zagu (no bell)
Begins full prostration (Doan large bell DONG)
Second prostration (DONG)
Third prostration (DONG)

Doshi Walks to assembly
Bows to first row (Ino, first day: "As the teacher passes, please place your hands in gassho.")
At some point in middle of Jundo, Doshi crosses alter and bows (no bell)

Finishes Jundo, last person bowed to, walks to bowing mat (or in line with it)
Bows at bowing mat (Tenkin small bell DING)
Walks to own mat, bows to own mat (DING)
Turns, bows to sangha (DING)