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Zendo & Programs Workgroup

Overview of Responsibilities: Programs, Events, and Zendo practice.
Task List:
  • Zendo: organized, altars clean, flowers, maintain sacred space.
  • Ritual: Prepare for and perform rituals, training in bells, doan and chant books.
  • Retreats: planning and organizing
  • Cooking: kitchen & oryoki practice
  • Sewing practice.
  • Host weekly sits.
Zendo & Programs pages:
Current Members and areas of emphasis 
Organization/Leadership/Special Ceremonies: 
Tim Burnett
Kate McKenna (Ino) 

Chiden (altar cleaning)
Karen McMains

Flower Chiden
Elizabeth Caldarelli

Chris Burkhart

Retreat Managers

Edie Norton, John Wiley, Nancy Welch

Kevin Connor 

Bob Rose (Tenzo)
Chris Burkhart (Fukutan)

Press Releases
Glenn Herlinger ?

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