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Practice Committee

Overview of Responsibilities: Guide the forms and feelings of our practice and serves as senior advisory group to the Spiritual Director. The Practice Committee is only sangha workgroup with selection criteria - it is formed of senior students according to our tradition. Invited to server are: members who have been shuso (head student of a practice period), ordained priests, and the current Ino (Zendo coordinator).
Task List:
  • Advise the Spiritual Director on forms, programs, plans.
  • Consider forms and feelings of Practice
  • Identify new practices to try, evaluate mood and integrity of practice
  • Consult with Guiding Teacher Norman Fisher
  • evaluate schedule, plan new events, consider new programs
    (details of programs and running them is the work of the Zendo and Programs Workgroup)
Current Members:
  1. Talus Latona (Shuso)
  2. Tim Burnett  (priest, Spiritual Director)
  3. Nancy Welch (Shuso)
  4. John Wiley (Shuso)
  5. Edie Norton (Shuso, priest)
  6. Bob Penny (Shuso)
  7. Chris Burkhart (Shuso, priest)
  8. Kate McKenna (Ino)
Meeting Notes: