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Membership Workgroup

Overview of Responsibilities: Provides support and encouragement for members and potential members. (See the Weclome Workgroup for welcoming new people and handling incoming communication from the community).
  • Tracks membership status and maintains accurate membership list using the sangha email list (or other lists needed to track monthly/annual donations.)
  • Keeps accurate financial records working in cooperation with the FInance Workgroup of who members are, what our membership income is, etc, while also keeping individuals membership donations private
  • Announces during our November Membership Drive about the importance and benefits of membership in the sangha.
  • Respectfully checks on members who have been absent from sangha life for a while.
  • Respectfully asks lapsed members if they wish to renew their membership.
  • Promotes and encourages membership benefit programs.
    • Retreat Grants program (grants for attending Buddhist events outside the sangha)
    • Overnight stays at the Dharma Hall
    • Use of the door code to access the Dharma Hall  for individual use, practice and study when not in use by another group
    • Access to Spiritual  Director Nomon Tim Burnett including dokusan (private interview) if desired in person or by phone or email. As your priest, Tim is also glad to perform ceremonies for members including weddings, funerals, blessing ceremonies and health and well-being ceremonies.
    • Access to our lay entrusted teachers Yuzan Nancy Welch and Seishu John Wiley.
  • Organizes November Membership Drive each year
  • Thanks new and renewing members
  • Annually prints out and distributes (paper and email ) the Sangha Directory
  • Promotes and coordinates volunteers for the "Meal Dana" practice (weekly meal for Tim and family).
Current Members:
  • Terry Thompson

  • Membership Documents/Pages: