Closing The Hall - Departure Checklist

  • Make sure the hall is cleaned up after your group (put trash in receptacles, sweep up debris, etc.)
  • If you have brought and used candles, be sure to extinguish them before leaving, to prevent fire.
  • Rearrange cushions in meditation hall: As per diagram, two rows of four zafus/zabutons, putting 
  • rest away in curtained closet at the front.
  • Chairs in meditation hall: Place one metal & fabric chair at the end of each zabuton row. 
  • Remaining chairs neatly in chair storage area along south wall (folding chairs folded).
  • All thermostats set to 55:
    • Two thermostats in meditation hall (zendo)
    • One thermostat in Meeting room (across from bathrooms)
    • Library (on baseboard north wall)
    • Downstairs dining hall, 
      • Main thermostat is against outside wall between window - set to 55.
      • Wall thermostat in coffee/tea area - turn off completely
      • Turn all inside lights off.
  • Leave front and back outside lights on.
  • Lock both outside doors. Turn lever on inside; from outside, close door firmly and press "lock" button on keypad.

Thank you for making the Hall ready for the next user group.