Cleaning Tasks

  • Bathrooms: Wipe down toilets with paper towels (do not flush), scrub toilet bowls with toilet brush, clean sink, mirror, sweep floors, empty garbage.
  • Put hand towels in hampers, put up fresh hand towels, and replenish bathroom supplies (each cabinet with soap, toilet paper, and paper towels)
  • Kitchen: Wipe down kitchen counters and all surfaces, check fridge for spoiled food and compost it, clean sink area and appliances, empty dishwasher or start a load if needed, vacuum/sweep the floors.
  • .Vacuum down the stairs.
  • Make sure that any food is stored in pest-resistant containers. 
  • Empty all trash receptacles and leave them with liners. Empty compost bucket in Food Plus bin and line with green bio-liners. Empty recycling bins to outside crates.
  • Vacuum/De-lint zafus, zabutons, and cushions including classroom and library
  • Dry sweep all floors (Do not wet-mop wooden floors
  • Vacuum lobby, library, and dokusan room. Dust lobby counter.  Sweep outside entrance area
  • Wipe down door knobs, wipe down other surfaces throughout hall that you have time for, such as tables, windowsills, radiators, trim, walls, etc.
  • Pick up used water glasses and put in dishwasher. Replace with clean ones.
  • Weed the gardens. 
  • Remove spent incense from the incense bowls and clean the altars.
If there are extra people available.
  • General tidying of building
  • Extra one-time tasks may be listed with cleaning supplies
  • Start a load of dirty rags and towels running in the washer. Make sure they are in the dryer before you leave
  • Check dryer for clean laundry and fold it.
  • Wipe wooden floors using one yellow rag dusted with a mist of wooden-floor-cleaner followed by another yellow rag that is dry
  • Whatever other housekeeping you feel is appropriate and you have time for
  • Wipe down cubicles and shoe racks in lobby
  • Wipe down shelves, desk, windowsills etc. in library and vacuum floor
Please leave a note on the downstairs kitchen clipboard (on the towel rack) if we are low on any supplies.