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Board of Directors

This page will be for the Board of Directors, explaining what it does, listing the members and also having meeting schedules agendas and minutes.
The Board of Directors is essentially just another workgroup.

Overview of Responsibilities:  The Board does central planning, overall budgets, and coordination. Each Board member supports two or three Sangha Workgroups and is asked to be in close contact with the members of those workgroups and report back regularly to the Board.

Task List:
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Regular contact with workgroups
  • Overall Budgets
  • Big picture/long range planning
  • Interaction with the community at large
Current Members: 
  1. President - Edie Norton
  2. Vice President - Chris Burkhart
  3. Secretary - John Wiley
  4. Treasurer - Marti Bartlett
  5. Spiritual Director - Tim Burnett