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  • The 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division, was a National Guard division which had been mobilized February 10, 1941. The training camp for the Red Bull infantry was at Camp Claiborne, LA.
  • The Red Bull division was the first to arrive in the Europe arena with additional increments arriving in North Ireland, January 26, 1942. The division participated in the invasion of North Africa, Nov. 2, 1942. Based on their legendary motto, Attack, Attack, Attack, the Red Bull infantry was credited with cracking the Axis lines at 609 leading to the end of the war. 
    • World War II 

      The Red Bull Division arrived  in the new arena at Salerno Beach in Italy on September 22, 1943 confronting the enemy and earning streamers for their legendary participation in 517 days of combat that witness the expansion of the arena to Tunisia, Naples-Foggia, and Anzio.




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