The Stable

Horse facilities at Spomer Ranch include:

8 Stall Shed Row:

  • All stalls are 12 feet wide and range in length from 40 to 80 feet 
  • Welded pipe fencing
  •  Open side faces south
  •  Equipped with feeders and automatic waterers

4 Stalls in the Barn

  • Box stall is approximately 10 x 10 feet
  • Sliding entry door
  • Open doorway to attached outside corral
  • Built-in feeders and automatic waterers

5 Stall Shed Row

  • Each stall is 10 feet wide and range in length from 70  to 95 feet
  • Welded pipe fencing
  • Open side faces south
  • Equipped with feeders and automatic waterers

Arena:  - 120 x 64 feet with four attached open corrals (16x16 feet) plus roping chutes       

Four open corrals adjacent to arena.

45 Foot Round Pen on south side of barn

30 Food Round Pen next to arena

Trail Riding on the farm roads with hilly stretches throughout the 200 acre ranch where you can catch site of deer bounding though the hay fields or bald eagles perched on fence posts with their breakfast on early morning trail rides.

 Pastures for turn-out



Monthly full-care board: $200 
(includes feeding twice daily, our own grass or alfalfa hay, grain, plus stall cleaning).

Monthly self-care board: $125

     Overnighht Stabling (full care): $20/night

        Turn-out service: $2.50/horse/day

Lessons, Training and Pony Rides:

Please contact the Ranch for current availability of these services