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Place Order - Raw Food Shipping

This page is for ground food and small packages of frozen items available to be shipped!
 For the Arizona monthly order and the additional items available for pick-up click here: AZ Monthly Order 
All of the items on this page are able to be shipped using FedEx Ground!
Each insulated shipping container is $15.00
We use FedEx Ground and ship our packages on Monday or Tuesday only.
Please place orders before Thursday for shipping on following Mon-Tue.

***Shipping containers can hold***
*10- 5lb packages*
*2 cases of 1lb packages in the cardboard box*
(recommended for summer shipments because of extra insulation)
A combination of various products that = 40-50lbs
(If there is room for more depending on what is ordered we will give you a chance to add to the box!)

To order use the form below or click here for full-screen form view: Raw Food Mail Order Form