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Green Tripe Order - Quarterly Bulk Orders

Bulk Tripe orders deliver every 4 months!
Orders placed before closing dates deliver on the next Distribution.

Order Closing Dates, Payment Deadlines & Distribution Dates

are posted on our Calendar of Events linked below.

NO CHANGES OR CANCELATIONS after order closing dates.

To See Schedule of orders View Events Calendar Here --> http://tinyurl.com/RedAngelRawCalendar
Quarterly Tripe Orders Open February, May, August, November
Tripe Deliveries are in March, June, September, December
Distribution will coordinate with the AZ Monthly Order and exact dates will be updated when the form opens for each order.
These bulk tripe orders are open to those who are picking up food in Arizona with the monthly orders.
 Shipping is available on these orders only if paid in full in advance and will be shipped on the designated date listed on order form.
Shipped orders add $15 box fee + FedEx Ground charges to your destination.

To order, fill out the form inserted below or for cell phones click here: TRIPE ORDER FORM

Tripe Order Form