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Monthly orders with case lot itmes are currently an Arizona only offer. 
We do have pages listing items available for shipping.
"CASE LOT" is a term used to describe bulk items purchased as they come from the packing house.
These are most commonly in frozen blocks ranging from 40-60lbs and the most cost effective way to feed a raw diet.

 Case Lot items are all USDA facility packaged, inspected and intended for the human food chain unless indicated with a (*). However we sell these (and all items) as intended only for use as pet food. Case Lot Orders must be picked up on the day specified. Please be prompt about pick up as orders are not refrigerated once delivered and waiting for you for a short window of time. All other items listed on this web site are also available to order for "Case Lot" Day - some are smaller packages of "Case" items that have been repackaged for you.

If you are not able to pick up your order on time please make arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you.
Feel free to post to the yahoo group to see if someone can pick up & hold your order for you. 
 Orders may not be left out sitting at the pick up location once we leave for the day!
 If you have a financial hardship email so we can help you.

Items & Pricing
 Are subject to change with the market at the call of our vendors.
Items are priced by the pound and sold by the case unless otherwise noted.
If you don't see an item you would like to purchase let us know - we may be able to source it!
To Order use our form here: MONTHLY ORDER FORM
Confirmation emails are sent after you submit the form.
Save Confirmation Email - it contains information for Pick up & Delivery

Invoices are sent out between order closing and delivery date.

Order form is updated by the Thursday Prior to Closing date.
Should you submit your order early it will be received however
 prices and automatic email responses may not be correct
You may email any changes before closing date if needed.

Delivery maps and more information below calendar :)

Red Angel Raw Orders & Events

Addresses and meeting times are on the order form when choosing locations. 

Distribution is at our dry storage facility off of the 101 & 202
Gate Code will be Texted with "Order Delivery" Notification
Plan to pick up no later than 1:00 PM when we leave the location.

Deliveries are made along the I-10 from Phoenix to Tucson and meet at designated points depending on who orders.
 There is a $10 per order delivery charge to cover drivers fuel costs, this goes directly to whoever makes the deliveries.

Deliveries are usually made from the 101 North Loop Up I-17 North through Prescott Valley and then along the I-40 Flagstaff and back down to Phoenix through Camp Verde.
There is a $10 per order delivery charge to cover drivers fuel costs, this goes directly to whoever makes the deliveries.

Pricing and Availability updated Monthly and are
subject to change with the current market.