Welcome to the web page! Please take some time and read the information on each of the order pages.
The website is basic but it serves as the listing of items available - someday it will be a fancy e-commerce website full of information and photos but for now the Photos are on Facebook and the Information on how to feed a raw diet and other fun things can be accessed by joining the yahoo group. Little by little the business is growing and one day the website will catch up but for now I'm spending all of my time making sure that all the dogs are able to get the wonderful treats and great food that you can find listed on the site :)
It's a work in progress for sure - Thank you for your patience! Erika Haferkorn
Email Contact - RedAngelRaw@gmail.com
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I'll be doing my best to keep the Treats & Food Product prices up to date.
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To join our Yahoo chat group please enter your email in the subscribe box and follow the instructions.
There you will find more information on Raw Feeding and a friendly chat environment where we talk about  food orders comming up, our dogs, natural treatment options for various ailments and try to find homes for local dogs in need etc. The Member Survey that you will be emailed upon your request to join is just for my own personal use for the group - I never share or sell members information with anyone! Please take the time to read the informative files that will be emailed upon membership approval - they will answer many questions you will have about how the ordering process works and how to transition your dog if you are new to raw feeding :)
 Text Message Notifications! If you would like to get reminders of aproaching case lot and other order deadlines, please send an email with your full name and cell phone number for recieving text messages to RedAngelRaw@gmail.com and I will confirm that I have recieved your contact information. 1-4 messages sent per month on average. You can cancel messages at anytime by replying "remove" to a text message.
We have a few food options available to the group:
*CASE LOT ORDER items are available on the 3rd Saturday of each month - orders for this pick up date are due THE SUNDAY PRIOR.  Email and text message reminders will be sent out before the deadline for order and before the pick up date. Case lot prices can fluctuate between the time I post the price list and when we place our order. These items are priced depending on the current meat market. If an item you have ordered changes in price I will call to give you a chance to cancel the order but you must answer or reply asap to make any changes to an order. Occasionally the Case Lot date will change due to a conflict of events but I will post changes to the Case Lot page as well as to the Yahoo Group and Facebook page in advance. Phoenix Pick Up Location is just off the 202 & McClintock. Tucson/Southern AZ & Northern AZ delivery information will be included in the price sheet updates posted.
*GROUND FOOD items are available to be picked up between Case Lot order dates as long as an item is in stock. Availability fluctuates because I am always grinding fresh product in small batches. The largest inventory on any GROUND FOOD items is going to be the weekend of the CASE LOT ORDER because most people pickup both items at the same time and I prepare food all month for that date :) ***THESE ITEMS CAN BE SHIPPED IN STATE OR OUT OF STATE VIA FedEx***
*DEHYDRATED TREATS items can be picked up or can also be shipped via US Postal Service, mainly Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes because unless you are shipping 1lb or less of product Priority is typically the least expensive method of shipping given the new Regional Rate shipping boxes!
*BULK ORDERS These are things the group does on occasion to combine group buying power to get a better deal. This applies to things like Greentripe, Moose Antlers, Cool Pet Pads, Iceland Pure Oils, NWC Naturals (Total-Zymes & Total-Biotics) etc. If there is a group purchase coming up details will be posted on this page. If you have a suggestion for a group purchase please email me with the product information and a contact person/email/web page so that I can look into it.
 Thank you for feeding your domestic carnivore the food nature intended!