Welcome Back, Commander...

To you, by: 

Vranic Studios & Friends...

Genre: RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Style: "Westwood RTS"

Special thanks + credits to:  

Westwood Studios 

Electronic Arts EA



Welcome to Vranic Studios version of Red Alert  (our tribute game to Westwood Studios)
-The currrent version (1.5)  is now available, it will be always
offered in our downloads section, located down on this page...
*note: this game is not any (perfect or not) mod, but: full install game and is our
tribute to Westwood Studios work, and their contribution in re-defining RTS genre, so we
don't insist on any perfections, but only try to bring a retro gameplay, as we used to have,
with Red Alert games serial.
*Those who want to donate (all funds go for people with diabilities, and homeless) can do that on  the link
below, in the downloads section. (donations are distributed over the Salvos offfices, Melbourne, 3000).