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2. Rio

Mission Briefing: In the run-up to hosting the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian government has been carrying out a program to clean up (and, in some cases, clean out) the favela shanty towns in the hills around Rio de Janeiro, in an attempt to bring rampant street crime under control. Tens of thousands of poor and second-class citizens have been rounded up and trucked away to government camps in the countryside. Hundreds of protestors, militia gangs, and innocent civilians have been killed in clashes with the police and military.

Now, with opening kickoff only days away, only one favela remains unpacified— Cidade dos Deuses, "The City of Gods." 

This infamous hillside slum is the home of the notorious mutant street gang known as Os Ordinários— "The Ordinaries." The gang has repeatedly beaten back whatever forces have invaded their turf, and the residents of the neighborhood hail them as saviors. The gang's leader— Neguinho ("Blackie")— is vilified in official state media as a narco-terrorist; but to the dispossessed and disenfranchised of this economically-stratified society, he is a Robin Hood... becoming a cause célèbre for many on the political left.

In desperation, FIFA organizers have turned to red23 for help... much to the consternation of the Brazilian government.

Session Notes:

  • Team disperses protestors at base of hill/entrance to favela upon arrival.
  • Engage group of MGH-fueled gang kids (ages 8-14) in alleyway and on rooftops.
  • Make way to heart of favela, where they confront rest of gang— more kids with random MGH powers, led by a teenage teleporter named Claridade.
  • Commander manages to sneak into Neguinho's stronghold with the help of an inside man. She brokers a peace deal with the teenage mutant warlord: she supplies him an iPad she stole from FIFA which contains all of the information on the government's relocation camps, and she convinces him to abandon the favela peacefully so he and his gang can work on liberating the camps.

The Box Office Take:
  • Wrecker: 14 XP
  • Doctor Doom: 14 XP
  • Commander: 17 XP
  • Mystique: 14 XP
  • Rayne: 14 XP

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