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1. Seven and the Ragged Panther

The Pitch:
red23 has been retained by [REDACTED] to "acquire" some vibranium from the African nation of Wakanda. Taskmaster is the CO of the mission, with Domino acting as his "right hand."

Highlights from the Plan:
  1. The team flies into Wakanda on special gliders made to appear as birds to the air defense systems.
  2. Before leaving Dubai, Grace used her sorcery to summon a Wakandan panther spirit to act as a guide and to learn more about the nation's shamanistic traditions.
  3. Thru a combination of stealth, fisticuffs, disguises and computer hacking, the team infiltrates a processing facility where the vibranium ore is smelted and refined before being shipped out. They hijack a shipment of cargo bound for the Eastern European nation of Latveria.
  4. The team successfully transports this shipment to the airstrip, changes the plane's flight plan to Saudi Arabia, and leaves Wakandan airspace. 
Highlights from the Getaway:
  1. The plane's pilot turns out to be Black Panther in disguise. Grace and her panther spirit successfully subdue him and regain control of the plane's controls.
  2. Hawkeye-- Kate Bishop's former SHIELD supervising officer-- is also hidden on the plane. He reveals that red23 is in fact a long-running recruitment front for SHIELD, and that he had been tasked to test the team's mettle for possible recruitment into the new SHIELD that is being reconstituted. They have passed the test and are offered positions as agents. Kate and Grace accept. Both Taskmaster and Domino are nonplussed by this turn of events, but at least they got paid.
The Take:
  • Taskmaster: 6 XP
  • Domino: 6 XP
  • Commander: 10 XP
  • Kate Bishop: 10 XP