While we appreciate everyone's enthusiasum, please only drop off recycling in the bins located in buildings around campus.  If the bin is full, please take it to a different bin.  We can only afford to recycle 8 bags of recycling a week - if you would like us to expand please make a donation or email jmadosky@uno.edu about funding a bin.
Welcome to the new website for the recycling project of the New Orleans Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (NOLA SCB).  As locals may know, there is no longer citywide recycling collection service in New Orleans, although there is now a monthly drop-off location available Saturday's from 8am to 1pm at 2829 Elysian Fields.
So...in order to fill this gap, the NOLA SCB has initiated a recycling program at our base of operations: the University of New Orleans.
Please feel free to browse the site and add any suggestions you may have  We will try to keep the website updated and current, but bear with us - our most important goal is to get the recycling done!

Recycling Locations on UNO Campus