You have done a good task, now only you have to think what you can do to take care of the environment.

 The fact of sailing along web pages, has to do you to give you gutter that is a good source where to look for information.

 You have learned to be employed at group, looking for information with the companions, putting your opinions of agreement with the others...

And remember that always you will have the help of your friends!!!

We expect to have obtained our more important aim. To arouse to the environmental importance of recycling.

Before throwing nothing we have to try to re-use it, and only when to re-use is not possible we have to recycle.

Since final conclusion we want to emphasize the reasons for which we have to recycle:

 1. It diminishes the pollution of the environment.

 2. It diminishes the air pollution.

 3. It is economic.

 4. It saves materials and natural resources.

 5. It saves energy.

 6. It diminishes the costs of final treatment of the rubbish.

 7. It creates working places.

 8. It is very easy and saves time.

Now that already you know all the theoretical and practical information about the recycling we hope that you do it!!!