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Introduction:  RRR Business Leaders recognizes local businesses working towards a healthy, sustainable economic bottom line while contributing to the health of our community and environment.  Consumer dollars are increasingly being drawn to businesses whose bottom line incorporates environmentally friendly practices.  The RRR Business Leaders Program is thrilled to support and bring public awareness to businesses making an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  The RRR team has created a Resource Guide for businesses to help them discover new ways to "green" their business.  There are two categories, as well as two separate surveys, of RRR Business Leader certification: one for general businesses and one specific to restuarants.  The surveys help businesses examine their level of reducing, reusing, and recycling in their daily operations, and, if successful, qualify them to become certified as an RRR Business Leader. Click the links below to access the surveys:

Restaurant-Specific Survey

General Survey for All Other Businesses


Benefits:  RRR Business Leaders is an ongoing project that is intended to provide resources for local businesses to become more environmentally friendly while contributing to their economic success.  In addition to helping the environment, RRR Business Leaders is an opportunity to publicly showcase your efforts in the community.  Those businesses extended membership will be featured on the frequently visited Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce’s website.  They will also receive an RRR Business Leaders window decal and electronic logo that can be used in promotional materials and marketing.

Timeline:  New applications for RRR Business Leaders (both restaurants, as well as all other businesses) are reviewed regularly at the end of each month.  Those who qualify will be sent a letter and promotional logos within a week or two of review.  Businesses not extended membership will be sent a letter encouraging them to review the RRR Resource Guide or consult Jackson Community Recycling for ways to incorporate more green business practices.  An RRR representative will gladly visit your business for a one-on-one consultation and can also offer RRR workshops for your staff.  Applicants are encouraged to fill out the survey as many times as necessary to become a member.

We hope that membership in RRR Business Leaders appeals to your organization.  We see the program as a way to help promote sustainable businesses, as well as highlight companies that are going the extra mile for our community and the environment.

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