The Importance of Recycling

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Waste Wise Recycling
This web page talks about the importance of recycling. The viewer can experience firsthand what our students have seen and explored when first journeying through the significance of recycling. The viewer will encounter many different aspects of why recycling is important. This website has digital stories that explore recycling, dives more into the history behind recycling, and you even get the chance to see one of the lesson plans that has been taught in the classroom about the importance of recycling and reusing. Also, you can get new information with a few website links at the bottom of this page for more information about recycling and its importance to the planet.

This is a video about the seven most important reasons for why we recycle. It talks about the reasons for why recycling helps our planet out. This video shows students why it is important to recycle everywhere you are so we can keep our planet clean.

Why Recycling is Important



In this video, students learn about what products they can recycle, like paper, plastic, and glass, and which products of each can be resused for something else. This is a lesson starter for the importance of  Recycling and Reusing Lesson Plan found at the bottom of the page.


What Products can you recycle and reuse?

In this week long lesson, students get in groups and use a hot list and gather information on Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing of products (paper, plastic, or glass) and create a powerpoint presentation, as well as bring in a reused product they find from home to share with their peers.  

The Importance of Recycling and Reusing!


This presentation is about the History of Recycling. This step back into time takes the viewer through what people used to recycle and how important recycling used to be. The presentation also talks about landfills and why they were created, and how they have impacted the planet now. Refer to the bottom of the page for this PowerPoint Presentation.


Other Websites to check out:

This is a helpful web site for teachers who want a way to engage their students in a fun interactive lesson plan about “How We Recycle”. On the web site, there are also other helpful facts of information about turning your classroom into a environmentally friendly place to recycle, reuse, and reduce products. This gives students the real experience of how recycling works right in the classroom.

Instructor Web: How We Recycle

The "Kids Be Green" webpage helped our students look up factual information that had to do with recycling. This web site was a stepping stone to more complex web sites that have more sources and facts about recycling, reusing, and reducing.

Kids be Green

The Earth 911 web site was to engage the students to learn about recycling of different products such as gardens, automotive, and plastics just to name a few. All of these products have different ways they are recycled. The website also integrates fun facts about each product as well as some interactive fun games for students.

Earth 911

This web site is great for students, who want to have a guide on how to recycle. The web site breaks down the concepts for recycling what products, even products that might be new to students such as metal recycling. This is a great web site to use in a lesson plan about recycling other objects besides the basic paper, plastic, and glass.
Recycling Guide

 This is a great interactive site to use after learning about recycling. With the help of this website, students will be able to see how different parts of this city recycles. It also shows that everyone recycles, but they may do it in different ways. It also shows that any town can go from not caring about how they dispose items to bring very conscious of what they are throwing out when a community comes together. 

Recycle City


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