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Untitled PoMarch 23, 2020

posted Mar 23, 2020, 1:58 PM by Andrew Carson
I am back in Glendale, I am re-assembling my shop now (it was a garage all winter for the minivan in storage).    Right now I have one commissioned bike to start for Skip, I think a couple of seat kits to assemble, and three or four maybe projects to follow up on with other people.   I've also got a white Mach 2 to assemble and a Red Mach 3, both for shorter riders, for the showroom.   Another bike to see if my painter can paint (IS he still working???).    I've got a Rans V2 assembly project that's been gathering dust for over a year to get to.   A Rans Force 5 frame I may never get to build out.    And projects to start!~!!!     Word, I missed being in my shop for four months.    Let me know if I can help you - now is a great time for a one man shop to keep working (it isn't 'work', really).   ADC