Premium Bikes

 This go-to page is for higher end bikes and trikes when such things are in the Recycle Recumbent showrooms.   This page is updated through April 9, 2018 currently.
I'll keep this updated as things are sold.   Thanks for looking.  


Calfee Stiletto       is sold to Steve, April 24.

This is a magic carpet.   Google it - Calfee Design is a premier maker of carbon fiber bike frames.   The Stiletto is their venture into recumbents - I spoke to Craig Calfee and he said there were maybe 30 of these bike made.   We believe this one was made in 2006.   

This is a carbon fiber long wheel base recumbent, the geometry is heavily influenced by the Easy Racer's long bikes,  Calfee I think made the C-Rush bikes for Easy Racers as well.    This is Calfee's own design, it is almost unique to feature a bell-crank remote steering mast for very fine steering control.

This bike is light!!!!!    The carbon fiber frame and excellent component group come in at 26 lbs as pictured here.   This bike features Velocity Ariel wheels, 700c rear and 451c (20") wheel on the front.    Gearing is 3x9 speeds, controlled by SRAM 9.0 detailleur and shifters.   I sports a Rans seat, but not the standard seat.   The fork is carbon fiber as well as the frame.  


This bike is very well kept, the original owner left no marks on it at all, and the components do not show significant wear.   I've ridden it for about 200 miles here, and I do find it hard to part with.   The Stiletto is everything you expect a carbon fiber frame to be - light, easy climbing, a soft ride that flexes with the road.   The supurbly engineered steering system is smooth and tight, you won't find a better, easier handling long bike anywhere.   


I want you to know one story - we altered this bike slightly.   The original Calfee design does not have a full strut tucked under the seat between the upper and lower frame members.   On the original bike there is a post under there, connected to the bottom frame tube and stopping about an inch under the top tube.   The design of the frame is such that the top tube is allowed to flex that inch on the road for a REALLY soft ride.   I was warned in discussion with dealers and with Craig Calfee that it was possible to flex that joint too hard and crack the frame.   Craig suggested, especially for a larger rider, that we replace that stop stud with a full strut, connected to both the top and bottom tubes.   We did that.   I sent this frame back to Calfee Design, their craftsman installed the new strut.   This is a detail of before, and after that work was done.   The repair did leave some paint off under the seat on that lower frame tube, I want you to see that here upfront before you buy the bike.   I regret not having Calfee repaint this repair, but there it is.    YOu do have to work to find it, when you see this stunning bike. 

Before repair -                                                                            Post repair - 


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