High Racer

This page is rebuilt on May 22 to show an array of spare recumbent parts I've accumulated that need to find new homes.   I am shortcutting the picture posting process on BROL to list all these items there and here.   Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want something.   
I'll keep this updated as things are sold.   Thanks for looking.   Current to 6/5 right now.

Kenda Kwest 309c tires.   New, bought by mistake.   Price $30 plus shipping.

Delphi 3.0 wired computer.   This is boxed and new, battery should be good.   I think I raided it for a zip tie I needed, else, everything is here.   $45 shipped Con US.

SPD two sided pedal set.  I do not know the model number.  They seem in great shape.   $35 shipped Con US.


Sure, it's Summer NOW.   This is a good little trainer for your trike - it fits for the 20" rear wheel, you can pedal to the DVR all winter long.   $50 plus shipping cost.

Thanks for looking in the parts 'bin'.    Let me know what you want, preferably by Email to adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com

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