Premium Bikes

 This go-to page is for higher end bikes and trikes when such things are in the Recycle Recumbent showrooms.   This page is updated through January 23, 2017 currently.
I'll keep this updated as things are sold.   Thanks for looking.  


Rans Stratus XP Titanium   $2,000


This is a very special bike.   Of the long wheel based bikes, this is among the lightest you will find at a list of 23 lbs.   The Stratus XP takes the long bike to great heights as a road cruising comfort and speed machine, and the titanium frame – wow!   If you have any experience with LWB’s at all, just picking up this bike to put it on a rack – it’s like lifting one of those feather light road bikes you and I both can’t afford in the local racing shop.  Rans made only a few of these super light XP’s, maybe there are less than 100 of them on the road.    Original retail on this bike was over $5,000.    This model is roughly a 2010 edition of the XP Ti.   

The XP rides like a limo on the road – easy to accelerate, holds speed well, smooths out rough roads with it’s dual 26” wheel design.    This bike is set up to go very fast.  650c x 25c road tires on excellent, light road wheels, racing caliper brakes, and a 3x9 SRAM 9.0 gear train.    Because of it’s light weight, it climbs amazingly well.   I am told by the prior owner that he has about 2,000 miles on the bike, but it is in immaculate shape.   Well maintained, good brakes, clean chain, clean components, spotless frame.   The titanium frames are powdercoated, a sort of champagne, mother of pearl, sparkle effect.    This bike uses the adjustable Rans chopper handlebar and has a standard Rans pan seat with the webbed back.   Shifters are SRAM grip shift.  

It’s very tempting to keep such a bike, but my stable is over-full.   You can own this elite, close to one of a kind, high speed, lightweight long bike for $2,000.  


Lightfoot Ranger – 

Custom factory build for larger rider.                 Sale pending with Rosalie, I think.

Do you know a currently idle NFL lineman who wants a good bike?   This is it.

The Lightfoot Ranger is a rugged, well balanced LWB with dual 26” wheels.   It is an excellent cruiser, comfortable, fast, and sturdy.    This bike is a custom edition of the Ranger.   The original owner had the factory alter the bike for his height and weight.   This frame is lengthened for a tall rider – the frame is 5” longer than the standard specification for the ranger.   It is also reinforced.   I can’t verify, but the owner reports that they used a thicker than normal square tube on the top member of this frame – the design is to bear a rider weight up to 400 lbs.   The seat for this bike is also a custom iteration of the Lightfoot seat.   The standard seat is (I think) about 17” wide – this seat is 21” wide – ample for a larger person.

As it is pictured, this bike is set for my 45” X-seam – it will adjust ‘down’ to a normal sized person – but there is plenty of range in this adjustment for someone up to an extremely large X-seam.     NBA centers could fit on this bike.

The bike is fitted with some very special wheels as well.   The rims are wide, double wall alloy, 36 spoke wheels with heavy duty hubs.   Mounted are two Swalbe Big Apple tires, 2.35” wide.   This makes for smooth rolling and a soft ride as well.  

This bike is in great used shape.   Neither the commissioning first owner, nor his son, who sold it to me, put more than 200 miles on it.   Components, tires, seat – all are in great shape.    Chain is clean, Disk brakes are high end Avid’s.    Gearing is SRAM 3x8 speeds.     I’ve ridden this bike a little.    Of course the consequence of all this beefing up of the Ranger is weight – this bike weighs in (I am approximating) at around 45 lbs.    That shouldn’t matter to the right new owner.   This is a great bike for the oversized rider.    Original retail for a factory custom Ranger was roughly $4,500.    This should find a home with you for $1,600.


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