Parts FOR SALE - Pricing. Repairs!

You should try to make this bike.  
Organize a few tools, scrape up a couple of yard sale bikes, clear a little garage space.  Give it a try!   If you are not a welder or brazier (sp?), take your hacksaw-cut and carefully filed parts to a friend who is.   The mechanical details of assembly are very accessible and take only a few specialty tools.   Bike mechanics work too cheap, and are usually susceptible to Mountain Dew bribery.
Write to me -
Especially if I have confused you anywhere on this site.   Half my joy in this enterprise is discussing my odd passion with you.   I am most interested in your progress, and in your improvement on these pages.   Somewhere in the website is a feedback page (I still hope to put one in).  I always check my Email at and I want to hear from you.   You can find my phone number on the contact page here - sometimes I am in the house (and not in the toy shoppe) and I'd like to hear from you. 

If I can help you with advice, I am paid enough.    If you can help me with a better idea, I am blessed!

Still – if the process scares you, let me help. 
It shouldn’t – I believe anyone can build this bike.   It takes desire, time, ingenuity, and often helpful friends, but you can do it.    But if the project does give you the heebies, or if YOU scare you off, yet you still want a modest but great riding entry into recumbent bicycling, get in touch.   I’ll meet you anywhere along this road you want to start.   Need a frame?  I’ll sell you a frame for next to nothing and you can build it up and paint it as your own.   Got a bike you like, but my seat seems comfortable?   I’ll send you a seat frame, and we can work on inventing the hardware to get it attached to your ride.   Want a whole kit – frame, fork, seat frame, and special parts?   We can do that and you can do the rest.    I build around 30 complete bikes a year – a few of those not on commission are looking for good homes.   It is a hobby and labor of love – I do not make a living from this.   I fantasize about it, but you and I are a pretty small niche market.

If there are any parts, portions, or assemblies I can help you with, I will be glad to.   A rough idea of costs, not including shipping, are:

First - The plans are not for sale - they are free.   Every drawing on this site is a down load-able PDF file - look here - DRAWINGS

Plans are yours for downloading!

The Parts List:

Bare EZ Clone frame                                                  $175    

Matched donor fork with a brake bridge                       $ 50

Bare Mach 2 frame                                                      $250

Matched fork with rake and bridge                               $  75

Bare Mach 3 frame                                                        $300

Matched fork with rake (no bridge required)                $  75 

Powder Coat (one color) painting frame & fork           $ 100

Seat frame  (I make 16"wide as stock, what can we alter
to fit your needs?)                                                         $  80

Seat finished with stitched in web (black is 'stock')     $ 145

Set (top & bottom) of seat mounts                                 $  55

A steering stem                                                              $  25

Diagonal frame brace                                                     $  40

Brake studs  front or rear, each pair                                $  25

Upgrade bottom rails/Diagonal to Cromolly                  $ 120  

Jockey wheel/washer idler                                              $  10
Terracycle guide tube                                                     $  19
Terracycle Sport Idler Kit (needs a tab, std. on my frames)
                                                                                        $  69
Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mirror (installed)                     $  20 

20" front 'builder's' wheel (alloy 20" wheel with QR
       skewer)                                                                      $ 55



If you add up the costs for all the unique parts above, an unpainted kit with a finished seat for an EZ Clone would cost $415.   That includes a naked frame and for, a finished seat, plus seat braces and a steering stem.    If you ordered a Mach 2 'kit', and added a diagonal brace and studs for V-brakes, that kit as above lists for $560.    A Mach 3 kit can get beyond the price of a finished EZ-Clone bike.   If you are interested in a 'kit' price, from which you will assemble all the other, standard components, this is what I can do:


EZ-Clone kit - bare frame, fork, finished seat, seat braces, and a stem                                            $375

Mach 2 kit - bare frame, fork, finished seat, seat braces, with diagonal brace, steering stem           $500

Mach 3 kit - bare frame, fork, diagonal brace, brake studs, finished seat, seat braces (no stem)      $600



EZ-Clone base price $800

Mach 2 base price     $900

Mach 3 base price  $1,100

EZ-Clone - I don't usually make the EZ-Clone design except for special requests.   As a finished bike it is a hair cheaper than the Mach 2 to make, and for the difference in handing, worth it.  I recommend that you choose the Mach 2 over the EZ-Clone as a finished bike.

Mach 2 - One of my greatest pleasures is building your bike to your specification.   A custom Recycled Recumbent Mach 2 starts with a base price of $900.   I build to your size, with your color choices, with (as far as stock allows) your choice of available components.  It is typically a 3x7 gear train, and uses center pull caliper brakes front and rear.    We can be specific to your needs, with the choice of 26" or 700c rear tire, with selection of components, we've done special variations on the design based on your wishes.   Of course, we may consider upgrading your bike from that base price.   Do you need the diagonal brace?   Should  your bike have V-brakes?   Do you want to upgrade the gear train from 21 speeds to 27 with a 9 speed rear wheel?   And so on.    Write with your questions and needs, we can make an estimate on what your custom bike should be.

Mach 3 - a dual 26" wheel Mach 2 comes with three 'upgrades' automatically.   In addition to the larger front wheel, I build the Mach 3 always with V-brakes, and always with a diagonal brace.   The Mach 3 comes with an altered RANS Chopper Bar.   Base price for your custom Mach 3 bike is $1,100.


We have adapted the Barnett Williams sling seat to a number of different bikes.   I have patterns to make adapters to the Tour Easy and other Easy Racers bikes:


A RR seat mounted to a Gold Rush Replica.

Price for a finished seat is $145, for the typical base adapter is $40.   You can use the existing struts from the Koolback seat, or order my rear seat brace for $30.   Pick a color and let me know your needs.

For heavier riders, I suggest an upgraded, higher density mesh fabric - add $50

PARTS BY TERRACYCLE - This is generally a little quieter and one has to guess more efficient than the standard jockey wheel idler listed above.    

Sport Idler kit priced through Recycled Recumbents at $69.00

All Recycled Recumbent frames from 2012 and forward have the idler tab that accepts the Terracycle Tour Easy Idler kit.    Standard on my finished bikes is the jockey wheel idler.  This idler runs on roller bearings and is quieter and more durable than the OEM solution.    You can add this to your bike later if you feel it is important.   You can add it now to give your bike the best in chain support and smooth operation. 

 Offered separately or as an ad on for your bike -  $62



Terracycle also offers a chain tube for managing your return idler.    This chain tube is silent and very passive in retaining the chain (as in keeping it off the road) - it is held in place (see that shroud?) by a short length of bike chain - this allows complete side to side movement, yet it won't allow the tube to move forward or back with the chain.   

This picture is off of the Terracycle website.   However, the Chain Tube keeper for the Recycled Recumbent attached to the lower rail of the bike frame with a 1" tube clamp, not as shown with zip ties.   I'll try to get a good picture of one in place on the next build.

Chain Tube priced through Recycled Recumbents at $19, a considerably less expensive option to the Sport Return Idler.



If I have it in stock you can have it this week.   If I am making a frame in your size, it might take a little longer.   Please write with your needs and questions.   What I have in the toy shoppe is always updated on The Showroom page.   If you place an order this way, I'll expect payment in advance of shipping  - use my address seen below.

Bike parts – your salvage is probably as good as I have – what I have you are welcome to at salvage prices.   Let’s talk.

Whole bikes.   I build about 30 a year.   Want one?  Let’s talk.   Generally priced here starting at $900 with donor stock components and a powder coat paint job.   There is a often a spare bike or two discounted in the showroom.  The whole point of building your comissioned bike at this price is to build YOUR bike - your size, your color, your components as much as you want to specify the bike.  I’d be tickled to make a custom fit bike for you – either the 18-21 speed version I have sold on Ebay, or an upgraded version tailored to your specific needs and components.  I've done motor conversions for custom bikes.   I've also done this bike with underseat steering.

Thanks for looking.   I wish you all the best with your bike project.   Let me know if I can help with anything here!
A.D. Carson
5428 N. Dexter Ave.
Glendale, WI 53209


Bare frames, my finished bikes, and used bikes (from the manufacturers) are for sale  here on the website.   Visit the 'Showroom' page for the latest on what is available right now.    Or contact me, and we can build a custom bike (even at the base price level) for you.