bows for sale

Border TX40 medium ILF carbon/foam limbs. 50@ 29 on a 25 inch riser. Limb savers included. These were the top of the line target limbs a few years ago. I don't know if these are different than the TXG limbs. Sid at Border is very helpful with questions regarding his limbs.
Border Hex4 limbs short ILF Carbon/Wood limbs. Marked 55@ 29 on a 25 inch riser. Limb savers are included. These are the fastest limbs I've shot. Lightly used and limb savers are included. Some minor scratches around bottom limb tip from field use but minor. There is some tape residue on the string grooves from velcro silencing material that I had removed it can be scratched of with a fingernail if necessary.
Sky Hunter Supreme bow. Limbs marked 60 at 28 inches. The bow is fastflight compatible and 64 inches long. It is in excellent condition except for some spots around the sight window which the paint came off leaving the light gray spot seen below. But the light gray blends in well with the camo anyway. I bought this bow new in the mid 90s it was my favorite bow for several years but is just too heavy for me anymore.
Sky Medalist Bow. The bow is 68 inches in length and the limbs are marked 42 @ 28". The limbs are glass/wood and shoot very well. Limb savers are mounted on these limbs.
Sky Hawk Limbs, two pairs. They look identical so one picture is posted. These are awesome limbs and are no longer available. I just can't shoot higher weights anymore. Excellent condition and barely used.
Pair 1- 70lbs@ 28 inches, limbs make a 62 inch bow on the Sky Hawk riser.
Pair 2- 60lbs@ 28 inches, limbs make a 62 inch bow on the Sky Hawk riser.