Solutions for towers and burgers, mechanical puzzles that are not cubes, like the Rubik's Domino, a burger or the "double Domino" = 3x3x4, a tower. Floppys, puzzles only one layer thick (like the 3x3x1) will not be included here.
  • 2x2x3 ... the¨smallest tower, easy to solve (corners and E-slice) but still a bit fun.
  • 2x2x4 ... much like the previous but diffrent middle layers, larger variations like 2x2x5 and 2x2x6 are about the same as the previous ones, just more middle layers that have similair solutions as the other ones.
  • 3x3x4 ... the double domino, one of the first puzzles we will concentrate on here.
  • 3x3x5 ... the ones that are sold are made from a modifyed 6x6x6 and are cubic in apparence, still a tower. More middle layers like 3x3x6 and so on are considered variations of the two previous ones.
This list can be made longer but these are the common types.
  • 3x3x2 ... Rubik's domino, the main reason for this site!
  • 4x4x2 ... the larger domino.
  • 4x4x3 ... double cheese burger? An intresting puzzle, one day it may have a solution at this page, who knows?
Again larger variations are possible but not common...
There are many possible ways to solve a cuboid, one is to choose to do the corners first (CO-CP) Then if so, the solution and the algorithms are general for all types and sizes. Besides the specific solutions for each type we got a special section for reuseable steps.
See also: the tread at about this site.