048 Pendleton

Umatilla County 8 (Pendleton), 1932 - CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Page 045 - Township 2 N., Range 32 E., Pendleton, McKay Creek
Atlas: Umatilla County 1932
State: Oregon
Metsker Maps 1932
Item # US1328629
Historic Map Works.

Oregon State Archives - A 1940 Journey Across Oregon:

PENDLETON, 187 m. [West of Ontario], (1,070 alt., 6,620 pop.).

Points of Interest: Round Up Park, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pioneer Park, Til Taylor Park, County Courthouse.


The EASTERN OREGON STATE HOSPITAL, (L) at 188.5 m. [West of Ontario], a modern institution, with buildings adequate for 1,325 patients.


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