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Oregon Archives - A road along the lower Columbia River (855)
A 1940 Journey Across Oregon: An Oregon State Archives Exhibit. Oregon Archives.

The Columbia River Highway, in Columbia County, has been completed... Contractors were very pormpt in assembling their forces, and operations were well underway by June 30 [1915]... Several small line and grade recisions were made to better fit the existing roadbed.

The Marshland, east half of Beaver Valley, east half of Rainier and the Goble sections were covered with forces. The east half of the Inglis and west half of Beaver Valley sections were not opened up on account of lack of funds. Also, there was an old road, between Delena and Clatskanie, that could be used for the present time. From Goble, east, for about three miles was not opened, as a pretty fair road connects this stretch, which makes a wide detour back in the valley.

This work was completed in the late fall of 1915. There are now 25.5 miles of completed state road and 13.5 of uncompleted state road in Columbia County known as the Columbia River Highway...

The entire length is constructed on a standard twenty-four-foot width, with 5 per cent maximum grade.

This work being divided into seven different sections for construction purposes,,,

Section No. 1 - Marshland: Westport to Clatskanie

Length, 8.6 miles.

Section No. 2 - Inglis - Unit No. 1: Clatskanie to Inglis

Length, 2.6 miles.

Section No. 2 - Inglis - Unit No. 2: Inglis to Beaver Falls

Length, 3.8 miles.

Work 80 per cent complete in 1914. No later work done on this section.

Section No. 3 - Unit No. 1: Beaver Falls to Delena

Length, 3.8 miles.

Work approximately 82 per cent completed in 1914. No leter work done on this section.

Section No. 3 - Unit No. 2: Delena to top of Rainier Hill

Length, 5.5 miles.

Section No. 4 - Rainier - Unit No. 2: Town Rainier to Presscott Point

Length, 3.1 miles.

Section No. 5: Goble

            Length, 5.7 miles.

Second Biennial Report of the Oregon State Highway Commission Covering the Period December 1st, 1914 to November 30th, 1916

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Beaver Falls Road:  

It is one of the last remaining sections of the Old Columbia River Hwy and has 5 originally restored old bridges and two beautiful waterfalls. Its one of those untold secrets of Columbia County.


Waterfall trip from Astoria to Portland on hwy 30 2/16