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Web Series

To be honest, this may not be entirely what I imagined when I first thought about doing a "web series."  Originally, I hoped to produce a series of short documentaries, from five to twenty minutes in length, exploring certain sections of the highway, certain moments in history, etc. but as the production calendar rolls ahead towards 2016, those goals may be on hold until after the feature length film is complete.

However, I do want to keep rolling out some shorts that are somewhat more than just teasers, trailers, and previews even if they are somewhat less than fully formed short documentaries.  So the focus may be more on pretty than depth, but there is only one of me and this allows me to focus on producing deeper content for the film.

Working on the video below was one of the main inspirations for taking on this project.  It was mostly shot at various locations around the Gorge and the HCRH... Video produced by A. F. Litt for Genero.tv

CLICK HERE to continue exploring the highway