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Tracing the original route and history of Oregon's Historic Columbia River Highway from Astoria to Pendleton.  

The Website: www.RecreatingTheHistoricColumbiaRiverHighway.org

This website, in its current state, is essentially a big info dump for my research notes. Because of this, it's mostly quotes from a number of published sources and photos, with very little writing of my own at this point.  A movie is currently in production with a planned release date in September 2016, and there may be a book following in 2018.

My main reason for posting these notes on the web is so I can access them from the field as I try to connect the history with physical locations out in the Gorge.  

Along with this personal, utilitarian use for this site, I find the history of the CRH and the Gorge fascinating and I hope that others may find this site to be interesting as well.  When I first started working on this project, I found a lot of information was out there on the history of the highway and the gorge, but it was spread out through many different, disconnected, publications and websites.  

After I am done with the film and book projects, I hope this site remains as a sort of index and encyclopedia of research and resources on the Columbia River Highway and the Gorge around it.

Plus, there are a few pretty pictures here and there, and I believe that the material comes together to provide an excellent virtual tour of the Columbia River Highway.