040c Twin Tunnels to Mosier

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Oregon. June 21, 2014.

In 1954, the OSHD abandoned the highway’s Mosier Twin Tunnel section, with the right-of-way
reverting to adjacent landowners. From 1987 onward, the Oregon Department of Transportation
(ODOT) has reacquired ownership of this entire section of the CRH from Hood River to Mosier. (Hadlow, Landmark Nomination, 15)

Historic Highway, Rock Creek Road, Eastbound (2014)
Historic Columbia River Highway. Oregon. January 20, 2014
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Wasco County 1, Mosier, 1933 - CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Page 011 - Township 2 N. Range 11 E., Mosier, Columbia River
Atlas: Wasco County 1933
State: Oregon
Metsker Maps 1933
Item # US1328864
Historic Map Works.

Oregon 35-to-Mosier Historic Roadway Features Restored
Construction is complete on this project to repair all the historic roadway features and pavement on the Historic Columbia River Highway between Hood River and Mosier. The work included repairing and rebuilding of the rock walls and guardrails. Due to lack of funds, the area between Oregon 35 and the West Trailhead will not receive a pavement overlay.

ODOT. HCRH Completed Projects. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/HCRH/Pages/completedprojects.aspx

2000 - ODOT - Restoration of the Hood River to Mosier Segment  

01 - Introduction

02 - Chapter 1 - Opening the Mosier Twin Tunnels

03 - Chapter 2 - Rock Catchment Structure

04 - Chapter 3 - Trailheads

05 - Chapter 4 - Hood River to Mosier - Roads

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