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Mosier Twin Tunnels - HCRH Van Tour
Historic Columbia River Highway Van Tour with Peg Willis. Pendleton Parks & Recreation. Oregon & Washington. June 21, 2014.
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Oregon State Archives - A 1940 Journey Across Oregon:

MOSIER TUNNELS, 119.5 m.  [West of Hwy. 730 Junction], one 261 feet and the other 60 feet long, often referred to as the Twin Tunnels, penetrate a promontory more than 250 feet above the river. West of this point the contrast between the barren, semi desert contours of eastern Oregon and the lushness of the Pacific Slope becomes apparent.


The Mosier Twin Tunnels were constructed a mile east of the Wasco County line and completed
in 1921. They consist of two bores, in tandem, running 390 feet. They carried visitors from a
cliff-faced road on the west to a plateau on the east, overlooking the Columbia River. Features
include two windows in the east tunnel, an observation gallery between the tunnels, and a
masonry-railed cliff walk. The tunnels were partially wood lined and originally had masonry portals. By the 1930s, larger vehicles required widening the tunnels. New linings were installed and the portal rings were enlarged and refaced with imitation voussoirs cast in concrete. Highway officials noted early on that continual rockfall made traveling dangerous in CRH section immediately west of the tunnels. In 1953, at the completion of the water-level route
between Hood River and Mosier, the Oregon State Highway Engineer ordered the Mosier Twin
Tunnels closed permanently and filled with rubble.  (Hadlow, Landmark Nomination, 9-10)

The state highway department abandoned this section in the early 1950s when the water-level route opened...  The portion to the Hood River County—Wasco County line became a county road, serving residences and several gravel pits. With closure of this portion of the old road in the mid-1950s, the right-of-way in Wasco County to HMP 73.1, including the Mosier Twin Tunnels (HMP 72) reverted to surrounding private landowners. (Hadlow, Landmark Nomination, 9)

In 1954, the OSHD abandoned the highway’s Mosier Twin Tunnel section, with the right-of-way
reverting to adjacent landowners. From 1987 onward, the Oregon Department of Transportation
(ODOT) has reacquired ownership of this entire section of the CRH from Hood River to Mosier. (Hadlow, Landmark Nomination, 15)

2000 - ODOT - Restoration of the Hood River to Mosier Segment  

01 - Introduction

02 - Chapter 1 - Opening the Mosier Twin Tunnels

03 - Chapter 2 - Rock Catchment Structure

04 - Chapter 3 - Trailheads

05 - Chapter 4 - Hood River to Mosier - Roads

Wasco County 1, Mosier, 1933 - CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Page 011 - Township 2 N. Range 11 E., Mosier, Columbia River
Atlas: Wasco County 1933
State: Oregon
Metsker Maps 1933
Item # US1328864
Historic Map Works.

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