038 Hood River

Hood Over the Gorge (2015)
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Washington. March 16, 2015
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This segment of the CRH Historic District begins at the intersection of 13th and Oak streets in
Hood River, the western boundary of one of the city’s older residential neighborhoods. The
highway follows Oak Street east through a tree-lined residential development and a
predominantly early-20th-century business district, before turning south for two blocks on 2nd
Street, and then east on State Street to the city limits at the Hood River. The CRH crosses the
Hood River and intersects with Oregon 35 at HMP 67. (Hadlow, Landmark Nomination, 9)

Oregon State Archives - A 1940 Journey Across Oregon:

HOOD RIVER, 125.6 m[West of Hwy. 730 Junction] (154 alt., 2,757 pop.).

Points of Interest: Historic Flag, Old Adams House, Apple growers' Association Warehouse, Apple growers' Association Cannery, Hood River Distilleries, Observation Promontory, Eliot Park, etc.

Hood River County 8, Hood River, 1931 - CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Page 016 - Township 3 N. Range 10 E., Hood River, Clifton, Ruthton, Sonny
Atlas: Hood River County 1931
State: Oregon
Metsker Maps 1931 
Item # US1314922 
Historic Map Works.

DETAIL: Columbia Gorge Hotel Interpretive Sign (2015)
Columbia Gorge Hotel Hood River, Oregon. March 19, 2015

Interpretive Sign Detail
Not sure which sign this is off of!
Hood River, Oregon. May 6, 2013

Hood River, Oregon, from Cook-Underwood Road, Washington
March 7, 2013.

Sunset beyond the Columbia
Hood River, Oregon. September 30, 2012

Hood River Bridge
Hood River, Oregon. October 17, 2011.
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