014 Crown Point to Latourell

Latourell and Footbridge (2015)
Guy W. Talbot State Park. Oregon. March 13, 2015

Latourelle Falls
Lipschuetz and Katz. Oregon's Famous Columbia River Highway. Portland: Lipschuetz and Katz. 1920. University of California Libraries(https://archive.org/details/oregonsfamouscol00lips)


From Crown Point to Latourelle Falls, a distance of 2 1/2 miles, the road hangs on the steep slopes of the mountainside for the first mile and a half, where it is literally notched out of the solid rock, although the road has its full width of 24 feet, and at all danger points there have been erected substantial protection railings, similar to those along the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

These protection walls are of rock, laid in cement mortar, a rustic appearance being obtained, the top of these walls being finished with a concrete coping ten inches deep and 20 inches wide, reinforced with four steel bars throughout their entire length.

The elevation of Crown Point being 725 feet and the possible crossing of the stream below Latourelle Falls anywhere between 60 and 160 feet, there was not sufficient distance to get down directly on a 5 per cent grade. To overcome this it was necessary to "develop" distance, meaning that somewhere between these two points we must find ground that would permit of turning several times on curves of not less than 100 foot radius, and by looping back and forth on the side of the mountain come down on the maximum grade of 5 per cent.

There are four loops similar to the one on the now famous Tamalpais railroad, up Mt. Tamalpais in California, overlooking San Francisco and the bay. The road parallels itself five times but at different levels, yet all of the curves are easy, 100 feet being the least radius. (Lancaster, 1914 60)

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