008 Sandy Boulevard Alignment

1926 Columbia River Highway Route Through Portland:

...in 1926, the Columbia River Highway became U.S. 30.  ...the official route of the highway through Portland, west to east, became St. Helens Road to Wardway, thence via N.W. Vaughn to N.W. 19th.  The highway followed 19th to Burnside, thence east on Burnside to S.W. Washington Street, which took the traveler to milepost 0.0 at S.W. Broadway.  From here, Highway 30 followed Washington to 4th, 4th to Burnside, thence east on Burnside.  A change in the original route occurred at the intersection of Burnside and N.E. Sandy Boulevard.  The highway followed Sandy Boulevard northeastward to what is now Parkrose, then continued east on Sandy Road to reach Troutdale.  From Troutdale, the highway followed the east bank of the Sandy River to reach the Stark Street Bridge (the original start of the Columbia River Highway.)

Clarence E. Mershon. The Columbia River Highway: From the Sea to the Wheat Fields of Eastern Oregon. Portland: Guardian Peaks Enterprises. 2006. 1st Edition. (51 - 52)

Oregon State Archives - A 1940 Journey Across Oregon:

US 30 leaves PORTLAND, 0 m. [West of Portland].  on NW. Vaughn St. and St. Helens Road, a part of the Lower Columbia Highway, and passes through a busy industrial district along Portland's lower harbor. Wharves line the Willamette River bank (R) and factories and warehouses occupy the river flats.


The Sandy Hut:

...the 92-year-old bar on Northeast Sandy Boulevard, says the Hut's outgoing owner, John Berning. The Hut is a neighborhood landmark in part because of its giant sign and purple paint job—a majestically ruinous, windowless dive... 

MATTHEW KORFHAGE. "Club 21 Owners in Process of Buying The Sandy Hut
Owner John Berning closed the 92-year-old dive on March 1" Willamette Week. March 2nd, 2015

Club 21 (2014)
Google Street View: April 2014

Historically boozy Club 21 on Northeast Glisan Street—home to packed-house rock shows both free and local, as well as an almost seizure-inducing density of ’70s beer kitsch—may have avoided a similar fate only because its lease is still good for another 12 years. Its landlord, real-estate firm ScanlanKemperBard, submitted designs to the city of Portland to demolish the bar’s distinctive witch-castle architecture, an artifact of the building’s time as a Russian Orthodox church, in favor of a towering, 220-unit apartment building with a parking-lot basement.

To save the bar in the future, says Club 21 bartender Bradley Shaver, the owners are considering moving the entire building to a vacant lot before their lease expires.

Korfhage, Mattew. "Closing Time: 2014 was Barmageddon in Portland."Willamette Week. December 24, 2014.

Sandy Blvd area circa 1947

The Pagoda

The Hollywood neighborhood- almost a city within a city. The Hollywood Theatre, Poor Richard's and the Pagoda, Hollywood has a look and feel all of its own. With the recent demolition of the Pagoda Restaurant, it has less.

No one could call the Pagoda culturally significant or hugely historic, but that did not make it any less a landmark. When Key Bank purchased the site for a new bank branch, neighborhood groups and fans of mid-century Americana hoped that perhaps at least the pagoda element of the restaurant could be saved and incorporated into the new building. Key Bank's commitment to neighborhood sentiment was made clear last week when the Pagoda was knocked down. Portland is poorer for it.

The Pagoda (July 2009)  on Cafe Unknown

NE Sandy & 82nd Ave (1928)
A2009-009.715 - Office of the City Auditor (Portland, OR)
RECORD DATE 12/31/1928
CONTAINER Archival Box - Public Works Administration (Archival) - Public Works Administrator - Photographs - Nitrate : 652 - 1063

Railway Underpass, Approach To Troutdale (2014)
Historic Columbia River Highway. Troutdale, Oregon. January 10, 2014

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Video (By Others...)

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Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Strong Language)

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