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052.030 Wire Trail

According to pioneer lore, an Indian trail came through the Gorge on the south side of the Columbia River.   ...   When a telegraph line was strung through the Gorge to connect Portland with points east, the line followed this ancient trail, and thus, the trail became known as the 'wire trail.'  Crossing the Sandy River in the vicinity of Troutdale, the wire trail followed the east bank of the river to a point about 150 yards wast of the bridge, where it left the river bank to ascend the bluff to the relatively flat bench above.


Once on the flat, the trail continued across the present Seidl Road, angling in a southeast direction.  It crossed Ogden Road below what is now Hurt Road and slightly above Mershon Road.  From a point just east of the Klinski farm, Wand Road followed the path of the wire trail to the point where it makes a near 90 degree turn northward.  At that corner, the wire trail continued almost directly east along the boundary between  the Jasper Mershon and Sakajiro Takeuchi family properties.


[I'll finish the route later and try to map it.]

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