The weekly “Buddhism and 12-step meeting” explores basic teachings of the Buddhist practice of mindfulness and their support for the twelve-step program of recovery. This meeting is intended to supplement recovery and is designed to reveal to us that consistent mindfulness and meditation practice is vital to spiritual progress. We begin each session with a period of meditation and follow with a brief presentation and discussion. Anyone who wants to support a 12-step recovery program with a deepened understanding of meditation and Buddhism is welcome.  
Donations welcome. No pre-registration required.

Meeting Date / Time:  Most Thursdays @ 7-8:15pm  (check the Calendar for cancellations, guest speakers and meeting topics)
Location:  Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, 3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55408


Organize and store important documents, han outs, photos, etc.


Keep track of meeting schedule and logistics.


Links, friends, recommended reading, etc.

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center