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We also have contact details for the organisers of the fairs. They are always on the lookout for new dealers and venues so feel free to contact them direct or e-mail us (see contact us page for details) and we will try to answer or will pass your comments on.

Good condition vinyl records and CDs are always wanted for cash or exchange - just bring them along to a fair. If you have a large collection why not take a stall at your nearest fair? Just contact the organisers for details.

Date - Town - Venue - Organiser

January 2020

24th & 25th GLENROTHES - Kingdom Shopping Centre - Allander Record Fairs

26th ST. ANDREWS - Student Union, 22 St Marys Place KY16 9UZ - Allander Record Fairs

31st FALKIRK - Callendar Square Shopping Centre - Allander Record Fairs

February 2020

1st EDINBURGH - Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, EH3 9BZ (10am-3.30pm) - Edinburgh Zeuhl (Andrew Naylor 07910523733)

1st FALKIRK - Callendar Square Shopping Centre - Allander Record Fairs

2nd DUNDEE - Marryat Hall, Caird Hall - andmorerecords

2nd PERTH - Salutation Hotel 34 South Street PH2 8PH - Allander Record Fairs

8th & 9th AYR - Grain Exchange, 77-81 High Street KA7 1LU - Allander Record Fairs

14th, 15th & 16th DUNFERMLINE - Kingsgate Shopping Centre - Allander Record Fairs

21st, 22nd & 23rd EDINBURGH (LEITH) - Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Leith EH6 6JJ - Allander Record Fairs

22nd GLASGOW - Bellahouston Leisure Ctr., Bellahouston Drive, G52 1HH - VIP Record Fairs

29th GLASGOW - Queen Margaret Union, University Gardens - Allander Record Fairs

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If you wish to sell your old vinyl or CDs just take them along to one of the fairs as the dealers are usually interested in acquiring new stock.

If you have a large collection you wish to sell you might like to consider taking a stall at one of the fairs - contact the organiser of the fair you are interested in doing and ask for their help.


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