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“It’s forty years that we’ve measured in the songs...” 

Truth be told, it’s been more than forty years. And, as unlikely as it seems, we know the day that we first met, the day our friendship began, which is to say we know the day we started playing together. Those three things happened on the same day, September 14, 1964, a day that will “live forever in serendipity,” to quote Robert. For those of you who know us, you’ve heard the story told with embellished variations over the years, but the bones of the story remain the same. Robert and I met the first afternoon we were in college, and by early evening he and I were playing for a small but appreciative group of newly minted freshmen that filled the dorm room and the hallway beyond. And then it happened... through the crowded doorway came a disembodied banjo neck with David McNiel attached. Because it’s been forty-three years since we “...took that fateful bet,” no one can say for sure what we first said to each other or even the first song we played together, but the odds are good it had its roots in some guitars is best evidenced by the eight that we own among the three of us. 

“...and through the years we’ve found where we belong. 

The road keeps turnin’ and brings us back again, 

Back to each other and back to our first friends.” 

The road has indeed turned but the friendship and the music have bound us together closer than brothers—a closeness that defies the Illinois-North Carolina-Colorado triangle of our homes. In the end, the songs we’ve chosen for this CD are a mix of originals and covers as diverse in their origin as Bob Dylan and Dale Evans. Some we have been playing together for decades and others were written so recently that the other two heard them for the first time as we gathered at Peregrine Records in September, 2006. We hope you enjoy them all. 

David Livingston, March, 2007