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It’s not an easy thing to condense almost 47 years into a few sentences. That’s how long I’ve known and made music with David Livingston. As a matter of fact, we began making music together the very day we met. David was a lit major. Now usually, that and a buck might get you a cup of cheap coffee downstairs. In his case, however, that literature thing has served him well, even though neither his Ph.D. nor his career were in literature. You see, the words “literature” and “literate” come from the same root, and David writes some of the most literate song lyrics of anybody I’ve ever known. His ability to use words, and to use them well, is extraordinary. I love to listen to and to sing his words. They do not, in Paul Simon’s wonderful phrase, “tear and strain to rhyme.” They do, in my mother’s wonderful phrase, “flow trippingly off the tongue.” And they say really good stuff, too.

These are the two things I most want to say:

    1. In my humble opinion David is as good a songwriter as anyone on the planet—and better than most.

    2. By far and away, the most meaningful music I make is the music I make with David.

I can’t wait to hear what he’s going to write next.

⎯Robert Rose

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