Elder Meowmers welcomes you:

RECONSTRUCTION RECORDS is an online record label dedicated to promoting independent artists, self-released music, home recording, and small independent studios. 

We offer many free downloads, meaning that you are welcome to enjoy and share our music without guilt or reservation. However, if you feel like supporting our efforts, please consider making a donation. Your donations allow us to continue running this label, e
ating food, sleeping indoors, etc. Thank you!

There are two ways to donate. Either use the button on the right side of this page (or the podcast page) to donate via PayPal, or buy one of our albums. Each artist page has a link to buy albums from BandCamp. If the album says "name your price," you can pay whatever you think is fair. All albums that don't say "name your price" are free, and most of these have direct-download links on the artist's page.

If you are a musician or visual artist and you would like to have your work featured on the RECONSTRUCTION RECORDS label/website, please email info@reconstructionrecords.com and we'll get back to you with all due speed.

All material on this website is copyrighted by the indiv
idual artists who did the work and who retain all rights to it. Please do not use the songs, photos, videos, etc. for any commercial purpose without contacting the artists first to get their permission. To contact the artists, please email info@reconstructionrecords.com.

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