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Jesse Livingston

Jesse's novel A Thousand Lifetimes in an Hour is now available as an audiobook. Click here:

The novel was reviewed on Necronomipod! They compared it favorably to both Moby Dick and Two and a Half Men.

Jesse writes entertainment reviews for Buzzine.

Jesse's short story "The Blood Garden" was featured on episode 254 of the Parsec-Award-winning podcast Pseudopod.

Jesse's short story "Valentines Day with the Gods" was featured on episode 232 of the Parsec-Award-winning podcast The Drabblecast. It was illustrated magnificently by Jerel Dye:

You can read Jesse's diaries from Hindershot's nation-spanning 2011 tours here.

Jesse has also narrated for Pseudopod: 
episode 196 -- "The Hand You're Dealt"
episode 213 -- "Hexagon"