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A Thousand Lifetimes in an Hour

A Thousand Lifetimes in an Hour is a novel based entirely on dreams. Its universe is parallel to our own, with a few notable differences. Unhappy kids in black coats possess ancient machines designed to bring about the apocalypse. Voices whisper out of roaring flames and ask the unthinkable. Books in the library room tell you anything you need to know—and a few things you'd rather not—as long as you concentrate hard enough. Wolves walk upright, and shadows cluster in the thicket of trees at the center of town. Teachers reveal unsettling things to their young students when no other adult is present. Priests hear confessions that shake their faith completely. Parents turn their backs, and doctors offer surgeries you should absolutely refuse. Masks smile silently on walls, and scientists make discoveries about the secret face of the world.

These events continue to insist themselves upon us, claiming to be every bit as real as the ones we remember from yesterday and the day before. The spaces between seconds seem to last longer each time. The wild-eyed hitchhiker says he's seen the future, and things don't turn out well. The only solution is to read between the letters.

A Thousand Lifetimes in an Hour is inspired by the works of Kurt Vonnegut, Phillip K. Dick, and Jorge Luis Borges. It's a tale of madness, confusion, and despair, shot through with rays of sudden clarity. It explores the darker corners of life while maintaining a genuine respect for the beauty of extraordinary experiences.

"As I read, I had the constant sensation of something standing on the edge of my vision that I couldn't quite see until I found the right angle to view it at… Thank you both for writing the novel, and for taking the time to produce such a unique audiobook experience." —Zackery Olson, listener

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