Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; 
you shall raise up the foundations of many generations.

- Isaiah 58:12

Clergy Statement of Support
For Rapid Transit in Metropolitan Richmond
As clergy across Metropolitan Richmond, we call on the political and economic leaders of our differing jurisdictions to unite in creating a first-class public transportation system for the entire metropolitan region. 

We believe that the people of Metropolitan Richmond have endured centuries of division and conflict and that we should now step forward in solidarity, telling the world that we intend to be the capital city of reconciliation. 

We believe that God wants our people to live in mutual prosperity, in constructive relationships, in educated diversity, in justice, and in hope for the future. 

We believe that Metropolitan Richmond must be linked together with a comprehensive public transportation system for the sake of all our citizens. 

We know that Metropolitan Richmond is currently ranked in the bottom ten percent of American metro areas in public transportation, and can move to the top ten percent by building the four rapid transit lines, which have been identified by transportation planners and RVA Rapid Transit. 

We join with citizens of all of our jurisdictions, and with clergy and members of faith communities all over Metropolitan Richmond, asking our leaders to unite without delay in this common constructive cause. 

We invite clergy throughout Metropolitan Richmond to support this statement.