What is Bus Rapid Transit? 

Bus Rapid Transit combines the best of traditional buses and light rail systems, so transportation experts consider it a distinct form of transit. It’s characterized by features including fast and frequent service, boarding at platform level (like a rail car), dedicated travel lanes, and ticket kiosks at Rapid Transit stops (like a rail system). This setup provides the efficiency and convenience of light rail at a much lower cost. So, it’s not a new “bus line” or even an “express bus” – it is an entirely new type of public transit system.
Information about the GRTC Pulse system is available here.

Resources for Further Study 
  • Bus Rapid Transit: An Overview” Herbert Levinson, Samuel Zimmerman, Jennifer Clinger, Scott Rutherford Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2002 
  • Cleveland "HealthLine" Example - The Rapid Transit line in Cleveland is by no means the only one to reference, but is one of the key comparisons in the U.S. Given differences of course between the cities (demographics, businesses, local leader personalities, local divides or alternatively collaborations, etc.), just because Cleveland has (or had) problems somewhere does not mean we'll have those same problems, and just because it has (or had) successes, does not mean we'll have those, but it is a comparison well worth examining.