Congregational Involvement for 
Rapid Transit
Let us love, 
not in word or speech, 
but in truth and action. 
- 1 John 3:18
The goals of congregational involvement are to cultivate civic friendships rooted in faith around which we can generate broad-based, effective appeal and witness for a metropolitan-wide transportation system. We pray and work for the day when, in symbolic and very palpable ways, our counties and city will be reconciled and united via rapid transit for the collaborative and mutual prosperity of all. Involvement entails building awareness and relationships of care around this issue that culminate in support and advocacy. All are invited and encouraged to join in this critical ministry.
Building Awareness
To build awareness and discern your congregation’s passion:
  • Hold a Rapid Transit Presentation for your congregation, inviting a representative from RVA Rapid Transit or the Clergy Committee to present and answer questions. 
  • Seek Congregational Leaders who would be willing to help coordinate your congregation’s participation in this justice ministry. Form a congregational Rapid Transit Justice Ministry committee led by these individuals.    

Taking Action

To cultivate friendships, public witness, and broad-based support for rapid transit:

Congregational Pairs: Consider seeking out a congregation that is not yet involved in this justice ministry and also lies across some traditional line of division (race, denomination, religion, city/counties, etc.). Meet with members of this congregation to discuss the need to metropolitan-wide transportation and encourage them to hold a rapid transit presentation to build awareness and gauge interest in the congregation. Invite this congregation to join you in calling for Rapid Transit across Metro Richmond.

Monthly Meetings: Gather regularly to pray over this ministry, share updates, and strategize congregational involvement. If possible, hold these monthly meetings together with your congregational pair. Possible actions:

        • Study scripture related to care for those in poverty, and theologically discuss the incredible increase in access to jobs, education, and cultural gifts of our region that mass Rapid Transit would provide

        • Conduct a book study and discussion on doing justice and/or public transit

        • Learn about models of Rapid Transit in other cities

        • Develop key talking points in favor of Rapid Transit that you personally find compelling and can enlist to inform others about Rapid Transit

        • Share updates in your congregation’s newsletter

        • Invite specialists on aging to come discuss aging in place

Opportunities for Public Witness: Rooted in the preparation above, work diligently to express support for metropolitan-wide transportation.

        • Regularly express support for Rapid Transit to your elected officials with letters, emails, and phone calls 

        • Canvass the routes

        • Organize or participate in prayer walks, prayer rides/windshield tours of proposed routes

        • Visit businesses on proposed routes and express excitement at prospect of being able to access them via Rapid Transit

        • Host congregation-wide gatherings with your church pair to deepen congregational awareness

        • Encourage your clergy to sign the Clergy Statement of Support for Rapid Transit

        • In conjunction with the Clergy Committee, join robustly in public hearings and local government meetings

        • Be creative and share your efforts with others via the Clergy Committee!

Below are trifolds that can be printed for 
distribution from a home or office printer 
(need to be able to print two-sided).

Clergy Committee for 
Rapid Transit
If you would like to join the Clergy Committee for Rapid Transit (clergy and lay persons welcome), please contact Dominic Carter at We meet monthly to share, pray, and strategize for coordination of congregations to bear public witness in support of a metropolitan-wide mass transit system so that all have due access to the gifts and opportunities of our region.

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